Kyle spends some of his time as a sandwich.

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Kyle is an artist from California who names some of his work after porn-stars, for example; ‘Mimi Miyagi (Filipino cum dumpster turned politician) and ‘Jill Kelly’ (twice winner of the AVN Best All Girl Sex Scene) which are the two paintings made up of dots that you see below. Kyle told us a little bit about himself.

My name’s Kyle Pellet. I grew up and live in San Jose, California. I draw and paint, mostly with ink and gouache, and mostly on paper. I’m pretty terrible at managing my time, and therefore spend most of my time drawing and painting, and often neglect tending to friendships and familial relationships. I often feel guilty about this, but when I finish a painting I particularly like, it brings me joy that will usually mask the feeling of guilt for about 10 days. I figure that if I keep drawing/painting/making images, I’ll eventually get better, and hopefully one day I’ll get good enough to bang out enough pictures to forever mask my guilt and shame. It’s probably a better idea to resolve my issues, but whatever.

I think that pretty much everything is amazing. That we grow fingernails, we cut them, and they grow back – that’s amazing. Thunder and lighting are amazing. Fire’s amazing. The way our respiratory system works is amazing. Burritos are amazing. Gravity, dolphins, cars, black holes, DVDs, foul smells, songwriting, sexual reproduction – all of that stuff is amazing! I think being in a perpetual state of awe is one of the main forces driving me to create art. I look at the work of Iggy Pop, Dick Bruna, Akira Toriyama, Gary Panter, Duke Ellington, the Ramones, Jonathan Richman, Jack Kirby, Thomas Pynchon, Tove Jansson, Tadanori Yokoo and Spike Jonze, and it makes me think “Gee, I wanna do something neat with my life.” Then I look at all the suffering my grandparents went through, then all of the struggles my parents went through, and it makes me think “Fuck, I better do something neat with my life!”

I have a job where I dress in a sandwich costume and shake a sign on a street directing traffic to a bakery. At work, all I can do is listen to MP3s or think, so sometimes I choose to think. A couple months ago, I was standing around in my sandwich costume with the hot sun beating down on my moppy black hair, listening to Black Flag. One of their shitty songs came on, so my mind wandered, and I started thinking about how big the trucks passing me by were, then how big the world was, then the universe, and then it was like this voice was spoke to me. It told me that our purpose in life was to figure out what we love and what we can give to the world, and then to figure out how to spend our lives giving everything we can to the world without burning ourselves out. So yeah, working in my sandwich costume, I’ve resolved to figure out what I can give to the world, and how I’m gonna do it. I think drawing/painting/visual communication is what I’m supposed to be doing, but I’m open to the notion that someday I’ll realize I’m supposed to be helping orphans or endangered whales or something else I’m totally not currently invested in. I think things will work themselves out.

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