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Killer videos is a regular feature where we put up some fresh new film work we find on the internet and through word of mouth, no more no less. And there’s some insanely good things being done right now in the world of music videos, short films, edits and documentaries. We’re looking for cutting edge and simply badass stunning visual work from directors and artists big and small, so if you see anything out there  and you think its worth an extra show then hit us up.

Band Of Horses – Dilly

Band Of Horses new video for their fresh track ‘Dilly’ see’s a gang of old school motorbike riders driving through the dessert and causing all manor of kick off shit times for everyone involved! Firstly they line dance in a diner and kill everyone with their finger guns, then they kill the Po Po with their finger guns to. Oh and then they line dance again. Rad video.

Das Racist – Puerto Rican Cousins

Strictly this isn’t a Das Racist video – it’s actually a fan video made by Mark DerHovanessian, but we liked it so here it is.

[vsw id=”18898241″ source=”vimeo” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand

To be honest id be really surprised if you haven’t heard this song already but you may well have not seen the official video for it…Duck Sauce (A-Track & Arman Van Helden) bring us this intense and fast paced awesome video for their track ‘Barbara Streisand ‘ And to be honest i think about the only celebrity that doesnt appear in this video is Barbara herself, instead we’re joined by a Barbara lookalike along with the likes of Kanye West, Questlove, Pharrell, Chromeo, Vampire Weekend, Santigold, Yelawolf, Diplo & DJ Premier, as well as a whole host of other very stylish cats! This video is awesome. I want the summer back.

Wildcookie (Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills) – Heroine

Wildcookie are Freddie Cruger, aka Red Astaire, and Anthony Mills.  And their upcoming single ‘Heroin’ comes paired up with one awesome video, the video comes with some very mixed up vibes and personally i find it quite hard to work it all out, but to be honest i think this is why i love it so much. Crack den, meets Bugsy Malone, sure why not! This track, as well as the entire album from Wildcookie, suitably named ‘Cookiedough’ will be available for free download on 24th of January, Yeah we’ll remind you nearer the time. Smoooooth.

Roots Manuva – C.R.U.F.F

On the 10th of December Mint are heading to the Ninja Tune Records big 20th anniversary party in Brighton, if your not going, get going. The night will involve wonders from Djs such as Coldcut, Dj Food & Dk, The Qemists Soundsystem and if that’s not enough, Roots Manuva will be performing with the amazing Bonobo in what is set to be one of the most interesting performances for both parties alike. So to set things off we thought there’s no better ‘Killer Video’ to throw your way than Ninja Tunes very own Roots Manuva, with this awesome video for C.R.U.F.F directed by Jessica Lux.

Dawn Delete – Feel Better.

Dawn Delete is a one man band (without the harmonica) who records and produces his own music, as well as self-producing the videos to accompany his music. I’ve made that sound really over-complicated, so ignore me and watch his video for the track ‘Feel Better’. My favourite bit is the guy with the incredible moustache air-guitarring at 1:40.

[vsw id=”16155815″ source=”vimeo” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Miike Snow – The Rabbit

As a response to this massively cold weather we’ve been blessed with of late, I thought I’d fight back against mother nature and attempt to warm things up, be it on your computer screens or not; same difference. This is the awesomely filmed and directed video from Miike Snow for their new track ‘The Rabbit’ Its a pretty hot one, you’ve been warned.

Rabbit by Miike Snow from ChAoSKiD on Vimeo.

Ivan Ink ‘N’ Isa – Standing on a hill.

Ivan Ink ‘N’ Isa are Isabella (from Florence and The Machine) and Ivan Ink, a duo from South East London. Here’s the brilliantly animated video for their first release ‘Standing On a Hill,’ directed by Lewis Kyle white.

[vsw id=”14925478″ source=”vimeo” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Band Of Horses ‘Compliments’

It’s Winter time again, this is for sure, and if there’s one thing i love about what happens in Winter/Autumn time its the productivity that is flung upon us in the form of everything from poetry to photo shoots, illustrations and of course music videos and films of all sorts, all with that great winters vibe i personaly love.  This incredibly well produced video for Band Of Horses track from their latest album ‘Infinite Arms’ has that exact wintery vibe to it that im talking about, fantastically filmed snowy scenes which seem to merge seamlessly throughout the video telling a story for the viewer to follow, i say merge ‘seamlessly’ but actually  watching the video is like staring into a snow themed Kaleidascope. But this is good.

Local Natives ‘Who Knows, Who Cares’

The awesome new video from Local Natives combines your classic summer adventure feel, with scenes of an epic and colorful food fight which really reminds me of that rad scene in ‘Hook’ Remember it? When Rufio! goes nuts and begins throwing all manor of ridiculously colorful food everywhere? For that reason i love this video, Local Natives are such a great band, bringing something fresh and new to the forefront, The video directed by ‘Eli Gunn-Jones’ is filmed beautifully & features some amazingly well filmed slow motion scenes, check it out…..

Flying Lotus ‘MmmHmm’

So let’s start as we wish to proceed with this INCREDIBLE noggin bogaling piece of work for Flying Lotus’s ‘MmmHmm’ the track features ‘thundercat’ and the video has more references to weed than an Alan Titchmarsh garden care book. If i could take all the psychedelic and far out elements of this video and put them in a washing machine with a plain white t-shirt. Well id definitely wear the result.

Directed by Special Problems

Band of Horses ‘No One’s Gonna Love You (Paul Epworth Mix)’

I heard this ‘Band of Horses” remix when i was nearly falling asleep at the wheel of my car on a long journey home, when i got back i made a point of searching for the remix, featuring the vocals of Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley,not only is it an incredible remake of what is an already great song, But the video is fantastic! The video features a couple on a road trip running away from  the shit at home and being evicted from their house. Hot tub make outs, chasing trains, sweet convertibles, themed motels,skinny dips, flares and long grass layouts….every single shot in the video looks like a 35mm film photo from the late 80’s early 90’s America and for this i like the video ALOT. Oh and the girl is my future wife ok. It’s a shame it all goes wrong for them at the end. Check out the video below.

Keep your eyes out for Cee Lo Green’s album.

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