Jules Andre-Brown.

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Coming from a Caribbean/Syrian/Spanish/African/Swiss/Scottish family, Jules Andre-Brown has all six of the big six – i.e. the combination of blood and heritage that will allow him to one day rule the earth. Not really, but that is pretty mad. Jules grew up in Canada and spent a bit of time in Europe searching for the perfect roti (this amazing bread that you can dip in curry sauce – it’s like heaven in a halfpipe) and drinking Scotch. Other than taking photos Jules hosts a radio show on CITR 101.9fm called ‘Crimes and Treasons,’ whose listener base is partially people locked up in maximum security prisons. Badass. Oh and in case you were wondering – yes, he can build steel drums.

This guy has a pretty mean pulled pork sandwich. This is in Portland, Or, USA. There are all kinds of food carts there. This one had of the best signs, and that’s why I had to try it. I chatted with the man pictured, he was a kind fellow with a passion for salt and making things juuuuustttt right. I was actually curious if they woman working along side him was his sister, and it was her food stand.

This photo was taken while I was looking for an apartment. My friend Matt had just got bought a new place and his old apartment was free, so I was taking a look down the block. I would have needed to pass this sculpture to enter the building and I was thinking about how to explain the sculpture to guests, I was thinking that they’re not laughing at you, they’re laughing with you.

Cambie Street in Vancouver has this kind of gardening culture, it’s right next the Blodel Conservatory and the Vandusen Gardens. Everyone in that area takes pride in having a well groomed front yard. You see people try all kinds of amazing things with shrubs, rocks, and small plants. This tree was half bush and half roots.

This photo is actually two photos taken on the same frame of film. We had this party called “second chance prom” where everyone got a chance to have a really great prom night. Most people hadn’t been in high school for 5 or more years and it was filled with some really stunning people. Everyone made an effort to dress up and be sentimental, it was really nice.

A couple friends of mine have a BBQ every week, and every week, more and more people show up and bring different things to cook. I’ve been learning a fair bit about to cook Bosnian food. There is this special moment where we light the coals and this huge burst of fire comes out. Everyone just kind of stares for a few seconds and then goes back to a nibbling on the fruit salad.

I went to visit some family on Vancouver Island, I decided that I was going to only wear shorts for this trip as it was the start of summer. As luck would have it, it was freezing cold and I decided to stop into a thrift store to pick up a pair of pants or at least an umbrella. I saw they have these racks of VHS’s and a whole lot of SPEED.


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  • Woo!
    Thanks Mint & Jamie!

    – Jules Andre-Brown

  • kathy

    Awesome feature on one of my good friends! Thanks for it.

    Just wanted to let you know that Jules is a “he” not a “she”.

  • Jules is all man, baby!

  • Geoffrey Vincent

    All man baby. All man.

  • Thanks Natasha & Kathy. 🙂

  • And Thanks Geoff too.. 🙂


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