Johannes Romppanen & Identity Search.

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Living and working in Finland, Johannes Romppanen is a photographer documenting a vast array of subjects and areas. We’re talking dudes gathering in saunas to behind the scenes shots from the music videos of bands, which include Husky Rescue, to projects based around identity and immigration in Finland. His work is straight up and tells no lies. It is what it is. I caught up with Johannes to find out a little about him, his pictures and his interesting, in-depth collaboration project with  Sirkku Varjonen, ‘Identity Search’.

My name is Johannes Romppanen and I live in Espoo, Finland. I’ve worked as a professional photographer since 2006. My story as a photographer pretty much started when I ran into the French photographer Charles Fréger in 2002, when he was working on a project with synchronized ice skaters in Finland. We started working together, I helped him with the Merisotakoulu-project in Helsinki and then assisted him for a project in France. The work with Charles opened my eyes for photography as a medium for art and self expression. Through Charles, I also became a part of POC (, and was a member until last year. This was really my school, I learned a lot about the industry through our workshops and group exhibitions.

“Identity Search is a project on identities and immigration. We have met with 31 immigrants and interviewed them about various themes related to identities. Each participant was also photographed in a location of their choice, in a place which was somehow important for them.”

For me it’s so refreshing to see a photographic project that has a real in-depth message and meaning. Johannes’ work tells stories. To see more of his work or find out more about the projects then follow any of the links below.




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