Joe Coleman; King of Australia

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Joe Coleman’s photos make me want to pack my bags and travel the world this minute. The movie-like feel of his photos is just captivating, from the pastel colours to the accidental light leaks; everything is perfect to me. It took me so long to choose the photos to put in this feature out of the hundreds of them on his flickr and website, so you must look through them all! At the moment Joe is living in Newcastle, Australia and this is where I want to be right now.

“My name is Joe Nigel Coleman. At the moment I live in Newcastle, Australia, but I tend to move around quite often. I started taking photos a couple of years ago, and since then it’s sort of become a necessity for me.”

“I felt like I wanted to share the way I saw things with other people, and of course wanted to capture these moment for me personally too. I’m inspired by lots of things, I am especially facinated with light and the effects it can have when captured through a camera.”

“I’m sort of in the early stages of putting together a project involving photos where both natural and artificial light are in shot. I’ve been getting some really interesting effects, especially with colour.”

“The photos that I share on the internet are mainly shots of nature, in all it’s glory; lo-fi nature, because you need to feel like you are there, and when you look at some 20 mega pixel over processed representation, it doesn’t feel real.”

“I’ll be doing a fair bit of traveling this year, and I’m pretty excited to see whats to come. Whatever it may be i’ll be photographing it, thats for sure.”

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