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Hollie Fernando is a great photographer who we’ve featured on more than one occasion, you’ll find her features by using our search bar and typing in her name, magic stuff! Hollie’s going to be a regular face around here from now on, featuring and interviewing some of the best photographers she comes across on her journeys both online and in  the real world.  So to start things off, Hollie asked photographer Jeff Luker for a few words and if we could see some of his pictures…..he agreed obviously.

“My name is Jeff Luker. I live in Portland, Oregon right now. I am 25 years old. I have been taking photos for a long time. For me, what I like in photography is universal feelings rather than specifics. I just feel bombarded by so much craziness, hyper active media, and tech-wizardry that I want to make things that are simple in their delivery. You know, just 35mm film, analog SLRs, compact point and shoots, and what not.”

“I think I feel like a lot of young people trying to make stuff, possessing this sort of neo-Luddism sentiment. And I hope to achieve themes of honesty, optimism and truth in trying to make stuff this way. I have been traveling around a lot in the past few years, trying to document the American experience as one can see it while young, and I think it is especially important to try and tell your story in these trying times.”

“I used to assist Ryan Mcginley, when I was in New York and since then it’s been a lot of travel and working on projects. I have released three books in the past couple years – The World is Saved, You Are Nowhere and most recently Not Many Kingdoms Left. I have also done projects with Urban Outfitters, Levi’s and Vivienne Westwood, as well as working on some fashion and editorial stuff. And I have been continuing to show work in galleries around the globe. So it has been pretty rad, but still never feels like enough!”

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