In the studio: Zach ‘Hazard’ Vaupen.

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Zach walks dogs for money and draws explosions for fun. That sounds like a pretty cushy life you might say (if you use the word cushy) but he also has over $120,000 in student loan debt from art college that he has no idea how to pay, so isn’t, and is ‘as poor as it gets.’ Zach is a 23 year old cartoonist living in a basement in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, and told us ‘hopefully I’ll be moving sometime in the next month and I might have a whole room to myself as a studio that I can deck out with all kinds of awesome art on the wall and shit hanging from the ceiling, but we’ll see.’ Other than that, Zach drinks a lot of water a takes a lot of shits.

This is a shot of my drawing table where I do most of my work.  You can see some stuff I’m working on including thumbnails and a linoleum cut zine that should be out soon.  My studio pretty much spans the surface of the table, because everything outside of that is just a bedroom I share with my girlfriend and every inch of the room that isn’t on my drawing table is covered with her clothes or sculptures of cats.  I’d have art up all over the wall over my drawing table, but there’s not really a wall, just a window that looks out to a row of garbage cans up against a cement wall.  I live in a basement.

Here’s where I keep all my art supplies at the edge of my table.  My favorites are my brush pen and my pilot g-tec c-3 pen.  I could pretty much stand to throw out all the rest of that shit if I had to.

When I need inspiration I look through my graphic novel collection, or my filing cabinet that’s jam packed with probably hundreds of zines (maybe only a hundred, I’ve never counted).

some of Zach’s work

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