In the Studio with Ash Shakur (ART LIFE CENTRAL)

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Ash is an illustrator from South London who “gains inspiration from everything he sees”, working both digitally and physically but prefers to work with canvasses due to their practicality. His work is mostly about “life’s ups and downs”, the ‘smiles and frowns’ so to speak. He says that he is “influenced by 50s-90s music of all genres and American sports logos” and it’s that combination of music and art which is the next thing Ash wants to get under his belt. (ART LIFE) is his idea of a group of talented people doing what they love so keep your eyes peeled…

Studio Number 5: it’s just number five because it’s the fifth room in the building, many laughs in here.

These are just a few of the caps I wear. I gain ideas from the logos on them and I sketch on the underbrim when I have no paper near me.

This is my Lomo camera which I call the ‘Ash Eye Lens’. Right next to the Lomo is my black book. My planning, writing, sketching of any ideas are all in this book and I try to carry it everywhere I go, with my little argos pen at the side.

Laying in the studio is my giant king of hearts card which I created a couple of months ago. This is the best card for playing blackjack, I’m telling you.

Here are some pages from my first printed book, The Works. ‘AEOM’ on the character’s cap means ‘All Eyes On Me’, I created this piece from a Tupac Album which gave me the ideas for the characters.

Super Nes is the best. People say I’m stuck in the 90s, well I just love that era. I can remember playing this with my friends back in the day so I wanted those same memories back. I’m on a target to play Street Fighter 2 or Turbo on a 50 inch HD TV. That’s the dream. 

Here is a selection of his work:

Ashley Morris (A Sketch Shakur)

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