In the studio: Will Laren.

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Will is a comic book artist from Baltimore who actually makes me laugh with the scenes he depicts. At the moment he’s working on a punk-rock inspired comic about a witch’s familiar who is asked by the witch to rob her father’s grave in order to get to a powerful talisman, which will undoubtedly be amazing, so keep tabs on his blog for a printed edition. Will kindly showed us round his studio and sent us some of his work, so digest this all with some NOFX era punk and you’ll be like, totally in to this guy.

This is the desk I do my drawings on. It’s always covered in comic books, drawings, and other miscellaneous paper. For some reason I need clutter in order to work – I’ve never been able to think straight with a clean and organized desk.

When I need to focus on a long term project I like to pin up all my sketches and layouts so I can look at it as a whole. All this stuff is for a comic I’m working on about a grave robbing werewolf.

Most of my drawings are done by swiping poses from photographs, or at least using them for initial inspiration. I have boxes and boxes of old books and magazines but my favourite, by far, is National Geographic, which I buy up whenever I get an opportunity. I prefer the issues from before 2000 because for some reason the old ones had a lot more pictures of people, the new ones are a lot more animal-centric.

This is my collection of zines. Trading zines gives me a chance to discover new artists and also get comics for free, something my thirteen year old self dreamed about doing one day. When I start feeling lazy I’ll go and buy like $20 worth and by the time I’ve read through the whole stack I’m really excited to go make something.

some of Will’s work

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