In the studio: Spencer Mann.

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Spencer lives in a small town, in a smaller apartment, in a smaller bedroom – and he doesn’t have a studio as such, so instead he sent us these photos of the right hand side of the small bedroom that he shares. It’s an artist’s life.

My studio is pretty much just a TV tray. I don’t have a lot of money or a lot of space, but I work with what I have. My laptop and my Intuos tablet are my pride and joy, as well as my sketchbook and pens and such.

I don’t really own a lot of things either, but these three things mean the most to me. There’s my sketchbook, which is my favorite item for obvious reasons. Then you’ve got a book I’ve had for the past three or four years. Whenever I need an extra dose of inspiration, I’ll look through my Street Sketchbook. I highly recommend it. And then of course we have my kneaded eraser, which miraculously I’ve managed not to lose in the two years I’ve had it.

some of Spencer’s work.

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  • AWESOME. im crying blood

  • Ron Measley

    I like the one where the rabbit got in a fight with that old guy, and then I had a juice popsicle.

  • Stephen McNulty

    I’ve seen Spencer Mann naked. He himself, is a work of art!

  • Crowneck Samson Fly

    How much nickels can I get for this?


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