In the studio: Mario Scorzelli.

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This week we had a nose around another Argentinian artist’s studio, they’re our new art crush. Mario Scorzelli showed us round his workspace in photographic form and provided us with the occasional cryptic caption for said photos. He also says he’s from Rayo Lazer, which I google-mapped and couldn’t find anywhere – so who knows what’s going on with this guy. Anyway, his scribbled demonic drawings are boner inspiring enough to distract you from that initial distraction, so go take a look.

This is my studio in Rayo Lazer, Argentina.

I like being there with my friends.

Lucio, Nico and Jesi; some of my favourite artists and friends.

I like doing things, but don’t do things. (Vago means lazy – thanks Marina).

This is Nico painting. We were just about to go play football.

some of Mario’s work.

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  • Rayo Lazer is a studio/home/gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    and “vago” means lazy…like not googling what “vago” actually means !


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