In the studio: Jack Teagle.

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Jack graduated a couple of years ago, and since then he’s been working out of this studio, which is actually an upside down shipping container on a farm in Cornwall. There’s a novel idea for all you artists and illustrators; find someone with a load of land and convince them to let you set up your huge collection of comics, toys and materials, and get to work – surely that beats being extorted for a tiny little hovel in Dalston? Jack has had two solo shows to date, one in London and the other in Portugal, and is juggling his next show in Dublin with freelance work and his next contribution to the Nobrow roster (his first, Jeff Job Hunter, is definitely worth a look). I was going to tell you that Jack takes his inspiration from comics, kitsch, science fiction and horror – but you can probably tell that from his studio.

This is part of my little library in my studio. I have reference photos, comics, sketchbooks and art books to help me out with my comics, drawings and paintings. I’ve got some of my toy collection dotted about the room too. Most of my toys are in storage.

This is my drawing desk and work area. It’s always really cluttered, but it’s how I work best. I don’t know what I’d do without my lightbox and tablet.

The Space Warrior robot and Hulk are a couple of my favourite toys. I go to a lot of antiques fairs and car boots always in search of old, cool toys. The Space Warrior was supposed to be a bootleg Darth Vader back when the original film came out. My El Santo painting is peeping out from behind it all.

I usually display my toys and paintings a little better, but I’ve recently painted a lot of new work and bought some new toys and don’t have space, so I’ve just crammed everything on top of one of my bookshelves. The Devil, Jesus and Bugman figures are custom figures I made from old WWF toys. I’ve been buying less plastic toys recently, and been pickier about what I buy. I really love buying vintage old tin toys, or really weird looking things. Mostly toys that look very aged or outdated. I love the simplicity of them.

Here are some of my Simpsons toys and my annual collection. I love to keep things in little groups when I can. Most of these annuals are careful, cheap finds at car boots and table top sales. I have a few boxes more inherited from friends and family. I really love the old printing processes they used and the limited colours. The old Beano and Dandy annuals would usually only print with 2 colours, and it led to some very creative layouts and crazy print techniques.

some of Jack’s work

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