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Barnie graduated from Brighton last year with a degree in illustration, and I know this sort of thing gets banded around quite often, but his illustrations are genuinely some of our favourite ones we’ve seen since we started up mint. However, aside from designing a few of Upset The Rhythm‘s flyers and doing some live drawing with Suzi Kemp and Tom Edwards, he’s sadly chilled out a bit on the actual illustrating side of things, although, there’s always a silver lining. While hanging the work for his degree show, Barnie realised he enjoyed it as much as he enjoyed creating the actual work itself, so started a gallery with friend Charlie Hood that they have dubbed B.C. Based online, the guys have curated pop-up exhibitions and released editioned artwork that you should really go and buy, because it’s all awesome. Barnie showed us round his studio and introduced us to one of the best postcard companies in existence.

Clockwise from top left: Peckham’s finest birthday card from my girlfriend, designed by these guys. Kitten birthday badge from my little sister. Indian postcard from one of my brothers. A photo of my little brother and sister. A screenprint by Chris Bianchi; one drunken night Chris gave me this screenprint and signed it with a weird ass poem.

Chris’ poem.

Castle in the Pyrenees – Magritte

When I was at uni the tutors gave us a bunch of old art magazines and auction house catalogues. I found this picture in one of them before I knew anything about Magritte, and it’s been on my wall ever since. I recently went to the Magritte museum in Brussels and bought a big poster of the same image, unfortunately the walls in my flat aren’t big enough for it so the old tear out remains.

some of Barnie’s work

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