In the studio: Alec Hugill.

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Starting out copying drawings from old X-men comics, Alec Hugill has long forgotten Wolverine and developed his own inimitable style – illustrating a bashed up Justin Bieber, post whoring himself out for crack, and an array of ugly men with melancholic thoughts. Aside from running his own record label (VILLAINS records) Alec’s working on a black & white comic, drawing inspiration from Adrian Tomine and Chris Ware, so if you’re a fan of finely crafted comic books keep your eyelids peeled for that.

My desk and my mac. I still keep an old jittery PC running as my A3 scanner seems to be allergic to my mac. Anything that inspires me tends to find a place on my wall.

My student loans funded my comic book obsession. I’ve become a bit of a library. It’s great to have a collection that you can impose upon people to read whenever they visit.

I tend to fill up about three quarters of a sketchbook before I abandon it for a new one. I also keep a ‘backpack-sketchbook’ that tends to be filled up with random ideas and doodles that only ever come out on boring train journeys.

Probably my most prized possession, a signed Bright Eyes 7inch. Bright Eyes soundtrack more of my drawing sessions than anyone else.

some of Alecs work.

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