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Gavin Strange is a badass designer,photographer,painter,bike rider and wannabee film maker. A jack of all trades fun! We squeeeeezed into Gavin’s busy schedule for a few questions. I’m jealous of Gavin’s life…..

Hey Gavin, thanks for doing an interview with us mate, how are you today? whats the best thing thats happened to you so far today?

Well, today’s turned out a bit rubbish actually! I was on my way to a tattoo appointment in Cheltenham, to get an awesome Ollie Munden-designed piece inked on my leg but as I was walking out the door to get the train, the studio called to tell me it’d been cancelled! So, I had the day off work anyway so I’ve decided to stay home and catch up on some bits, hence me writing the interview questions to you right now!

That sucks balls! Mega-Munden’s work is choice. Tell us about yourself?

I’m a 28-year old man-child, originally from Leicester but now calling beautiful Bristol home! I work for the illustrious Aardman Animations, where I get paid to make things pretty, which is the best job in the world. I’m a big tea drinker and will never refuse a brew. I like riding my stupidly bright bicycle around the streets of Bristol.

You seem to be pretty much a jack of all trades when it comes to creativity…how did you get into it all?

I just gave them a shot! Literally threw myself in at the deep end and wanted to know how to do stuff, so I gave it a go. A lot of it is making mistakes and having enthusiasm to learn. There’s no right or wrong way to be creative, so I fumble my way through the world, picking up little skills along the way – it’s the best way to learn I think!

What are your main influences in your work? be it other artists, musicians, foods, colors, smells, etc….

I like to pull inspiration from wherever I can really! I like to make stuff out of music lyrics, particularly hip-hop. I’m a big film nerd (Ive secretly harboured the desire to be a film maker over the years) so people like Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Darren Aronofski are a big inspiration.
I find symbolism and propaganda fascinating too, the way their graphics are created really are the ultimate in graphic design, conveying a message to the masses. I like looking back at old printing techniques, typography etc. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of digital, everything being instant, so it’s nice to look at old techniques and learn from that…..In short, I take inspiration from everywhere!

Do you have any personal favourite pieces of work? and what are your most exciting past projects?

My favourite past piece of work has proberly got to be the cuckoo clock skateboard for 5050 store here in Bristol. It felt like a turning point for me, graphically, and felt like I was part of the Bristol creative crowd, so I hold that graphic in high regard. As for exciting projects, I’ve been really lucky to work on some very exciting things – from my own vinyl toy Droplet to designing t-shirts for Howies, photographing Nick Park to having my painting feature on the set of The IT Crowd! It feels like it’s just the beginning too, I’ve got a lot of secret projects up my sleeve that are really exciting! My output from JamFactory has slowed recently, but that’s because I tend to work on much bigger but secret things, rather than rapid fire output of lots of projects – there’s lots in the pipeline!

I like the sound of top secret, keep us posted! what are you working on at the moment?

At Aardman Im working on lots of things but I cant talk about any of them unfortunately, I’m NDA’d up to my eyeballs! Something I recently finished designing was a teaser site for Ubisofts new Raving Rabbids game ‘travel in time’. That was super exciting as I’m a big gamer so it was great to be involved in that! In my own time, as ‘JamFactory’ I’m juggling a few things: ‘BOIKZMOIND’ – my Bristol fixed gear bike film, Shirley Creamhorn – a new vinyl toy project, designing a cycling cap for an exhibition, keeping Droplet ticking along and start thinking about Series 3! Plus theres a couple more secret projects that should rear their heads towards the end of the year!

What are you listening to at the moment?

I just signed up for Spotify Premium so I’ve got the whole world of music at my fingertips now! Current favourites are Dessa’s ‘a badly broken code’, Deftones ‘Diamond Eyes’, Every time I Die ‘Roman Holiday’ and Sage Francis ‘Li’

For all our readers, where can your work be purchased? Your Droplet series are rad! where can we get those?

Thank you very much! Droplets are available all around the world! In the UK they’re in Forbidden Planets and many independent toy stores, you can see the full list here:   “ Everything else is normally for sale on my own online store but I’m a bit behind on updating it at the minute! My spare room is full of stuff I keep meaning to pop online in the shop but I never get round to it!

thanks man!

Thank you sir!!

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