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Did you ever hear about that couple who met online on second life, got married on there, and in real life – then the husband got an online prostitute and the wife hired an online private investigator then they got divorced in real life and on second life? It was fucking confusing, but enlightening at the same time in that it showed how the internet can actually be used for cool stuff, until it gets blown out of proportion and people start getting online hookers. What would you even do with an online hooker? It would just be like watching the sims have sex. Porn exists – use that. More productive projects have taken place over the internet though, and ‘Gardenia’ is one of them. Shelbie Dimond is 18, comes from Michigan and has ‘a legit fear of cotton balls,’ and Erica Segovia is 20, hails from San Antonio, Texas – and apparently has ‘no life, no future, and no regrets baby!’ and they met on flickr before deciding to release a book of their photos. I sent them some questions over the internet because I might as well stick with what they know.

Hi, what are you both up to today?

S- Not much at the moment. About to watch LOST. Yeah. I’m a little obsessed with the show.

E- Nothing much, wake up late, go to work, go out, you know.

How did you guys meet each other?

S- I started stalking her on Flickr.

E- I don’t know Shelbie in real life, but I’ve been following her photostream for about two years, and we just became friends.

How did the book come about?

S- A fellow from flickr thought of it. So we wanted to do the most epic collaboration. I put together our pictures that most correlated together. She was the brains behind the title and the design of the book.

E- Somebody had suggested that we should make a book together so we thought it was a good idea.

Did you have any problems deciding on the content or was there a direction that you wanted to take it from the start?

S- At first no, then it dawned on me that we should do a collab with our pictures that went together. We have similar styles of photography.

E- Well at first we didn’t know what we were gunna do we just wanted to put something together, and so we actually put it together via webcam; we would screen share and picked each others photos, and Shelbie decided that we should make each of our photos correlating.

From what I’ve seen of the book there are loads of pictures of pretty girls, how come?

S- Haha. Well take one look at Erica and you’ll understand why.

E- CUS GIRLS ARE FREAKIN HOT. Ha, they’re just more appealing.

Did you organise shoots or are the pictures more just you guys documenting your day to day life?

S- A little bit of both. I wouldn’t say that my shoots were “organized” – more like I went out and shot and that’s what I came up with.

E- Both. Sometimes if I have time, or a model, I’ll actually set aside time with them and go out and shoot. And then sometimes when I’m out I’ll just bring along a small camera and capture random moments.

What is day to day life for both of you?

S- My semester just ended for my college classes. I’m transferring to a school in California, so right now I’m getting ready to move. I ride my bike a lot.

E- Work at the grocery store, get yelled at for squishing tomatoes, go hang out with friends, make fun of them, go to church on Sundays, and then start all over again.

If you could choose anything in the world what would day to day life be for both of you?

S- I would be a nomad. Taking pictures of what I find.

E- I would be living in Holland, and owning a studio. Going out every night, documenting my *exciting life* -with long black hair. That would be great.

Any exhibitions or exciting stuff coming up in the near future that we should look out for?

S- Well, I got a picture in the “a-stop” book, it should be out soon. And a few other online magazine interviews.

E- Im working on my website right now, it should be up soon. Its pretty groovy.

Thanks guys.

Buy the book here.

photos Shelbie Dimond & Erica Segovia

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