Game set & match with Kelly Angood.

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While models pose, drummers beat and chefs cook, Kelly ‘makes’. Having studied Illustration at Brighton University this set designer/maker’s current work is a far cry from her 2D roots…

‘Turning to 3D work from 2D was a pretty natural process; I’ve always preferred to work with my hands. Most of the time I build a small model set to explain an idea rather than do a sketch. Before I started to make 3D stuff I did a lot of screen printing and photography; these physical processes encouraged me to step away from drawing and into ‘making’. Just after finishing university I also met a great photographer and stylist who continually encouraged me to make weird stuff for shoots, like underwater scenes using rubber gloves and tree head-dresses. Though, I do find illustration a bit of a release nowadays and love to do a bit if I get asked.’

A lot of people think of set design as something limited to the theatre, but you work a lot on fashion shoots…

I mainly work within the fashion and music industries, but I wouldn’t turn down a theatre job if it had enough creative scope. I’ve recently completed a James Bidgood which involved creating a park scene in the studio on a very low budget. Despite dreading it for months because of it being extremely theatrically camp and glitter-infested I ended up loving it. I have a habit of just saying ‘yes’ to things, but I’m usually glad I did in the end.’

Functioning replica Olivetti Valentine converted from a £5 vintage german typewriter and made from laser cut and screen-printed corrugated cardboard, acrylic and aluminium.

I really like how you use of typography in your set design…

‘I’ve always liked letters and they are more just an aesthetic than a theme. The themes of my work are more about creating the unattainable- which is exactly what my Olivetti Valentine (typewriter) was trying to achieve!’

Kelly also gives new life to vintage items like pinhole cameras and typewriters that are no longer in production; the beautifully accurate replica objects Kelly creates are not only aesthetically but also functionally similar to their originals. So, what’s next in the wonderful world of KellyAnGood?

‘I have recently been developing my pinhole replica hasselblad into a downloadable and printable net for people to make at home. The camera takes pinhole photos on any regular 35mm film and can be processed anywhere. The net will be available for anyone to download from my website in the New Year. In ten years I really hope to be in a position to have to turn work down! I would love to work with Nick Knight & Mario Testino in the next decade, but I also hope to still be working with some of my current collaborators as I know they have the potential to become just as good as Nick & Mario.’

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