Freya Hobbs.

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Sometimes photos taken on analogue cameras can be done to death – go on flickr and search for groups like ‘student film *** fuck digital’ and you’ll see what I mean, just boring grainy pictures of the side of a stranger’s head and other stuff like that. Freya Hobbs has managed to avoid falling in to the pitfalls of day to day documentation though and produced some beautiful images of day to day occurrences that are still interesting to look at even though you weren’t there when they happened. Freya takes photos to help her ‘remember how good things were when I was young and didn’t have a shitty job and a mortgage,’ but still doesn’t know what she wants to when she’s older. By the sounds of it though she’s having a rad time living in Shoreditch (not riding a fixed gear) listening to Archers of Loaf and watching Mystery Men in the time being. Here are some of her photos:

Joey had a shoot with Louis Vuitton but he got beaten up the day before so he couldn’t do it.

Spent a day filling these up with helium for my work placement.

Monument to Steve Irwin.

Imaginary mountains.

Second year final piece.

Spitalfields market on a Thursday.

Throwing stones in to the sea in France.

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  • wazid

    <3 archers of loaf

  • Jackass

    Still pretty boring photos, but I assume she’s a friend of whomever wrote this so…

  • Katie


    Love these.


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