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If your a keen Mint follower then you may remember our feature on Royksopps promotional video for their new album ‘Senior’ The video was amazing, the cinematography was beautiful and the album tracks that accompanied it where in a league of their own. Well the guys that are Royksopp have recently unveiled a short-film entitled ‘Senior Living’ over on the Independent Film Channel. Featuring 6 cuts from their current instrumental album ‘Senior’ – the counterpart to last year’s ‘Junior’ –  the film was shot in derelict parts of Detroit and is a stunning watch. You may watch this short film now and think to yourself ‘Ah yeah a music video in Che-noble, nice…but ive seen that before” Well actually this short was filmed in Detroit with no additional set dressing what so ever, the directors Noel Paul and Stefan Moore said  “ We shot it in Detroit because it is exists as a contemporary dystopia.”

This film left me in a very weird mind, that odd feeling you get when you see something incredibly pleasent yet alarming at the same time, amazing piece of visual work.


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