Punk Jews.

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Punk Jews is a documentary series directed by Emmy-award winner, Jesse Zook Mann, and produced by Saul Sudin and 2-time Emmy-award nominee, Evan Kleinman. This program features stories of individuals expressing Jewish culture and religion in unconventional, unique and creative ways. From musicians to artists and activists, Punk Jews is a one-of-a-kind series that will cover some of the most captivating music, art, fashion, philosophy, and religion that you can’t see anywhere else.

Check out the trailer for ‘Punk Jews‘ below…


This looks like a pretty rad movie and i cant wait to check it out, featuring artists such as Y-Love who is a 30-year old half African-American, half Puerto Rican, orthodox Jewish Hip-Hop artist. Rapping in Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Yiddish, English, and Latin, and Jewish Fashion designer  Levi Okunov who is a 23-year old fashion designer who has been creating a buzz in the fashion world. Raised in a Brooklyn Hassidic neighborhood, he left the community at age 18 to pursue his career. His use of Hebrew symbols and Jewish-inspired designs to make sexy women’s clothing has created controversy and allure around his work. This diverse mix of talent is sure to produce something unreal, Keep your vision balls peeled for this!


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