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elr°y is Damien Vignaux, an all round creative and creator of all things visually enticing. We recently had a brief chat with elr°y about his works, his origins and his dream shoot.

Hey elr°y, can you tell us a little bit about you and your work?

I’m an art director in print and motion design, I mostly do music videos, commercials and art direction on big video events. I mostly use photography as a playground for experimentations that I reuse in my work. I get to network with amazing designers, stylists and agencies, and now I start getting magazines and brand contacts so I can push it forward. I like having new challenges.

Where are you from?

I’m from the south of France, but been living in Berlin for almost two years.

What would your dream photoshoot be?

I would really love to get more stuff published, and maybe get a cover someday. All simple wishes and regular ambitions when you start working in that field I guess. I hope I can collaborate with magazines that I love this year.

We recently saw your video of the 2 artists producing an amazing wall mural, can you tell us about that?

About the mural video; the context is Supakitch and Koralie are two of my best friends, they are sponsored by POSCA who asked me to document their painting at the museum in Götheborg so I made this lil movie and asked my friend DLid to make some music for it. I spent 5 days with them at the museum for that material. I’m actually editing the part two that we shot at their studio and atelier in NYC in December, with an interview part in it.



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