Chloe Hardwick & The Dark & Psychedelic Hours.

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Chloe Hardwick is an artist and all round creative, currently residing on the south coast of England, studying illustration in her third and final year at The University Of Brighton. However, her interests don’t solely lie in illustration, she also holds a strong interest in editorial design and photography. Oh, and drinking copious amounts of extra milky Earl Grey Tea, it would seem. In the wake of her recent joint exhibition, titled ‘Up To Now,’ we hooked up with Chloe to find out about the show, her recent magazine project and her stunning double set of photos titled ‘The Dark Hours’ & ‘The Psychedelic Hours’.

Hey Chloe, how are you doing today?
I’m pretty good, quite tired after a long hectic weekend in London, but happy to be back in Brighton.

Oh yeah so last weekend saw your exhibition ‘Up To Now’ right? Can you tell us about it?
It was a group exhibition with my fellow classmates, held at the Red Gallery on Old Street in London. Rather than waiting to the end of our third year to hold a big exhibition, we decided to have a bit of a practice run and self-funded the entire show ourselves. There are some truly wonderful people in my class, whose determination and organisation skills really shone through. It proved to be really helpful, highlighting the issues we will need to address for the degree show next year. Plus we wanted to make some big noise before the next show, so we can really go out with a bang.

That’s cool, so getting yourselves ready for an even bigger final degree show next year? What kind of work was on display?

Yes we are planning on one hell of a degree show. It’s definitely going to be one to put in your diary. There was a mixture of everything really, printmaking, animation/film, info-graphics, handmade books, sculpture, photography. I think because the Illustration and Graphic design course at Brighton goes through the 3 years as one big class, we are constantly being influenced by each other. I started out in first year on the Illustration course, primarily painting, 2 years later and I’m doing editorial design. I don’t think I would have got to this stage, had I not learnt so much from my fellow classmates.

We’ll have to add that to the Mint calendar for next year then. Didn’t you create your own one off magazine recently?

I did! We had a project set over the summer, to which I responded by making a magazine. It was a typical fashion mag, with a twist. The concept was simple, next to the price of each item of clothing or product, there was the amount of hours the average minimum wage earner would have to work to purchase said item, hence the name ‘Hours’. It also includes various articles and interviews, including one by Rita Lewis, the publisher of ELLE magazine, speaking about her determination and success. I had such an amazing time curating the whole thing, doing the shoots and gathering interviews. In the end I worked it out and had spent 288 hours of my summer on it.

Sounds really interesting, a very original idea! So we’ve titled this feature based on two new stunning photo shoots that you have recently completed…’The Dark Hours‘ & ‘The Psychedelic Hours‘. What was the idea behind these shoots?

To be totally honest, there isn’t much of a concept behind the shoots. I worked with the locations I had and went from there. I guess they are two themes I feel quite comfortable with, my dad works in the forest that the ‘The Dark Hours’ is shot and ‘The Psychedelic Hours’ is in my mums house, so I’ve grown up surrounded by eccentric woodsmen and bohemian communities. Plus, any photograph of a beautiful girl in a tree showing a little bit of nipple is always going to be a good thing.

True say. The photos look awesome, so what does the next year and the future have in store for you and your works?

Since the success of the magazine and selling a pile of photographs at the exhibition I am going to concentrate on photography from now on, additionally I would really like to begin making quarterly issues of the magazine. I am also getting into filming, currently doing a short documentary on peoples’ relationships with public benches, as part of my dissertation. There is also talk of a music video in the pipeline. Basically my plan for the year is just to do loads and loads of work and take every opportunity which comes my way.

Sounds like there are interesting times ahead for you then, We’ll keep our eyes open, cheers for chatting with us Chloe.

No, thank you!


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