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Rhodri Brooks just finished his last year studying photography and is now ready to get people lean(ing) while he snaps them. He varies between 35mm and 120, depending on how poor he is at the time, but all of his photos that we’ve seen come out looking like a fine art version of the lying down game. Which can only be a good thing. Rhod would ideally be shooting for Rolling Stone magazine in the 60s but it’s the tens now (OMG) so he’s adapted his craft to bring out his first book of leans, which we’ll let him tell you a bit about.

“The place is as important as the person in the picture. It’s the marriage of the two that make these photographs. For example, lying on/down a set of stairs: the place isn’t odd, neither is the act, it’s the mixture of the two that creates the intrigue. These photographs explore the relationship and interaction we have with our environment and how we hold ourselves within it, specifically leaning, and look at the possible shapes and compositions made through the collaboration of man and his urban environment.”

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