Bethan Mcknight.

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Meet Bethan Mcknight, an artist from the UK who dabbles in collage, drawing, photography, and taking photos of herself on iphoto surrounded by blurry fish. We sent Bethan a few questions to answer for us.

Hey Bethan, who are you (other than Bethan)?
I’m a girl who sometimes gets mistaken for a boy.

Can you tell me the most interesting thing that’s happened to you in the last month?
Um, I went to Florida in July. I’d never been to America before and it was really weird.

What’s your favourite colour to work with?
I prefer patterns over colours generally, but turquoise is pretty great.

What do you enjoy working with most out of the mediums you use?
Collage is my favourite at the moment, I like ripping things up and making new things.

Do you use your own photography/drawings in your collages or are the all found images?
It’s variable, I have a huge magazine collection and drawers full of photographs and drawings. I often use the magazines/found images more but like to mix it all up together.

What do you listen to/watch when you’re working?
I always have some form of music on whilst working. I like far too much music. For example, today I am listening to Sparks and last night I went to a dancehall club night.

What’s coming up in the future for you art-wise?
No idea, after doing 2 art degrees, not getting into university twice and doing the odd freelance stuff, I just make things when I feel like it at the moment.

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  • Some very interesting ideas. Couldn`t mistake Bethan for a boy!

    Very talented artist

  • Alison-Frances

    LOVE her work. Bethan has been creating art since she was about 2 years old. She used to love watching Art Attack and was often inspired to create ‘big pictures’ using things around the house and then photographing them.


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