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Allex Ferreira is just as much a traveler as he is a photographer. I met Allex around two years ago at an amazing little hostel in a back street in Bangkok. We spent most of the night drinking cheap beers and comparing stories of what we had seen & done on our trips so far. Allex’s stories were backed up by an insane collection of awesome photos from all over the world – it was as if his travels were something from a Wes Anderson movie; collections of images portraying such diverse cultures and the people involved in them. Inspiring stuff. Allex sent us a collection of his work to check out and told us a little about his life as a photographer in Brazil and all around the world.

“I never thought I’d wind up being a photographer, I always considered myself a traveller, a citizen of the world. After having lived in London for 11 years and seeing vast amounts of Europe whilst doing a variety of different things, I was surprised to discover a deep pleasure I gained from photography, one that eventually turned into a passion.”

“After having returned to my home, Brazil, I decided to embark on another trip, but this time I wanted to take on the world. The following 15 months saw me take on North Africa, Middle East and Asia, a total of 13 countries; a truly life changing experience. So many diverse cultures, religions and colours of skin; experiences and images that will remain with me until the end. Experiences such as observing Thai Boxing children coaxed to fight in a ring as young as 11, often done so as a ticket out of poverty. Or the Chinese culture in its entirety, so much of which continuously blew my mind. ”

“And of course the creamtion of the hindu people at a river in Nepal, which caused me re-think my beliefs; a truly intorspective sight. Experiences such as these, and countless others were captured through the eye of the camera, in the beginning of which i understood that photography would stay with me for good.”

“I now currently reside in Sao Paulo, Brazil a year after my trip finished and I work as a freelance protrait photographer with a reputable newspaper whilst also working on a book documenting my trip. I am very pleased with the choice that I made to become a photographer and I look forward to continuing this new new journey!”

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